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The Chicken Stuffed Grits

The Chicken Stuffed Grits

The Chicken Stuffed Grits

Chicken with grits is one of the very famous Egyptian food and it is prepared in other Arab countries and it is a complete meal.

The Ingredients:

A medium-sized whole chicken.
Half a kilo of grits.
Half a teaspoon of cumin.
Half a teaspoon of cinnamon.
A quarter of tablespoon of dry coriander.
One tablespoon of ghee.
Two medium-sized grains of onions.
Three cloves of garlic.
Two medium sized tomatoes.
Tomato juice as needed.
Salt and black pepper to taste
The Chicken Stuffed Grits

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Wash the chicken well and clean it of any excess, then set it aside to drain the excess water.
Finely chop an onion and put it in a bowl, chop the other grain and put it in another bowl, chop the garlic well and leave it aside.
Chop one tomato into cubes, chop the other tomato and set it aside.
Put a bowl on a medium heat, then put the ghee in it and leave it until it melts, then add the finely chopped onion and a pinch of salt and stir it with the ghee and leave it on the stove until it wilts.
Add the grits and saute them with the onions, and leave them slightly to brown.
Add the chopped garlic and saute it with onions and grits, then add salt, black pepper, cumin, 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon, dry coriander and stir well together.
Add the chopped tomatoes and a cup of tomato juice and mix all the ingredients together, then add the water and leave the mixture until the grits are soft and absorb the water.
Run the oven at a temperature of two hundred degrees Celsius.
Get a deep bowl and mix with the chopped onion with the chopped tomato and season with a little salt, black pepper and cinnamon.
Put the chicken in a bowl and season it with the tomato mixture with tomatoes inside and out and between the skin and the meat, and leave it aside for at least two hours, until the seasoning is well absorbed.
Bring the marinated chicken and fill it with the grits inside and out and between the skin, then lock the chicken from the bottom well so that the filling does not come out.
Put the chicken in the oven until it is completely cooked, and you can cover the cooking pot with tin foil to make the chicken well cook.
Take the chicken stuffed with grits from the oven after it has browned, and put the grits in a serving dish, then place the chicken in the middle and decorate it with fried nuts, and serve with yogurt and green salad.

This was the chicken stuffed grits and we hope that you like it.