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The Mbakbka Macaroni

The Mbakbka Macaroni

The Mbakbka Macaroni 

The Mbakbka Macaroni is one of the food that people greatly prefer, because of its delicious taste, the varied and constantly renewable methods of preparation and its unlimited sauces, which give it a special flavor and the methods of preparing macaroni differ from one country to another, where people transfer these methods and modify them from the components as they wish, One of the methods that we will explain about in this article is how the Libyan Mbakbka Macaroni works.


A kilogram of lamb.
One grated onion.
3 garlic cloves.
1/2 kilo crushed tomatoes.
4 tablespoons of ready sauce.
Optional "2 hot peppercorns".
Salt, brown pepper, cardamom, Laura leaf and cinnamon stick.
The Mbakbka Macaroni

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Boil the lamb in the usual way with spices and focus the amount of broth so that it is less than usual until the flavor and taste are concentrated in it.
Once the meat has entered the ripening stage, put out the heat, in a bowl stir the onion with garlic and hot pepper in a little ghee over low heat.
Add the sauce and tomato juice and simmer on low heat until cooked,then add meat,broth and salt.
We add the pasta and distribute it without stirring it and add a little amount of water.If we need more, add boiling water or hot broth.
Leave on low heat until the pasta has softened and then you can serve it.

This was the mbakbka macaroni and we hope that you like it.