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The Iskender Kebeb

The Iskender Kebeb

The Iskender Kebeb

Is made up of grilled steaks on a skewer that looks like a skewer on which the shawarma is grilled and the tomato sauce, yogurt and green pepper are poured over the butter.
The reason for grilling the meat on a vertical skewer is that it preserves the meat contents from juices and fats, while it loses them if prepared horizontally, so many flavors are lost with it.
Today, I will present to you the way Iskender Kebab works on the Turkish way, you can prepare it within an hour.


½ kilo steak meat.
1 large tomato.
1 tablespoon of tomato sauce.
2 cups of yogurt.
3 garlic cloves.
2 medium sized Arabic bread.
1 tablespoon of ghee.
1 teaspoon of salt.
1 teaspoon of black pepper.
1 teaspoon of mixed spices.
1 teaspoon of red pepper.

For decoration:

1 tablespoon of grated parsley
2 tablespoons sliced ​​almonds
The Iskender Kebeb

Here are other recipes from our site.


1- In a non-stick frying pan, put a little vegetable oil, add steak, salt, black pepper and leave on medium heat until the meat is cooked.

2- After making sure that the steak is ripe, cut it into thin slices and set aside.

3- Put the tomatoes in a blender until they become sauce.

4- In a medium-sized saucepan, put the tomatoes and the head of the tomatoes, add ghee, mixed spices, red peppers.Hot red peppers can be used as desired and leave them on medium heat until they start to boil.

5- When the tomato sauce starts to ripen, add the steak pieces and leave on medium heat for a quarter of an hour.

6- At this time, we cut the Arabic bread into small squares and fried them until the bread becomes golden in color.

7- Put the yogurt in a blender, add garlic and a little salt, and mix them well until the garlic is well hidden.

8- Put the fried bread in a serving dish and add yogurt with garlic, then add the steak on top with tomato sauce and sprinkle with chopped parsley and fried almonds on top, thus becoming Iskender  kebab ready to serve.

This was the iskender kebeb and we hope that you like it.