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The Cold Cuts Meat

The Cold Cuts Meat

The Cold Cuts Meat

Cold meat is considered one of the delicious meals,which is famous in European kitchens and from there it has passed to the rest of the people.

The Ingredients:

A vien of cold meat.
Four tablespoons of sugar.
A cup and half of white vinegar.
Table salt as desired.
A teaspoon of black pepper.
1 tablespoon of mashed garlic,or garlic powder.
Vegetable corn oil according to what the housewife needs.
The Cold Cuts Meat

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Wash the meat well and remove excess fat.
Make close holes in the meat piece,using the sharp knife and leave the meat aside.
Mix the crushed garlic, black pepper, table salt and 1 teaspoon of vinegar in a small bowl.
Filling close-up holes in the meat with a mixture of spices and garlic.
Wrap the meat with a wide thread,keeping in mind that it is clean and free of dirt.
Mix two tablespoons of sugar,with one cup of vinegar, in a small dish.
Rub the meat well with salt, taking care to rub it from all sides, and place it in a large nylon bag.
Pour the sugar and vinegar mixture into the bag, and seal it well.
Insert the meat covered with nylon into the refrigerator and leave it there for a minimum of five hours, it is better to leave it for an entire night.
The next day take the meat piece out of the refrigerator, remove the bag from it, and filter it from the liquids inside the bag.
Heat four tablespoons of vegetable corn oil in a large bowl,at an average temperature, then add the meat to the oil and stir until the color changes from all sides, taking into account not to burn it.
Mix two tablespoons of sugar, with the remaining amount of vinegar, a small sprinkle of table salt and a cup of hot water in a medium bowl.
Pour the mixture into the bowl containing the meat and leave it until it boils well.
Reducing the fire under the bowl, taking into account the detection and inspection of it every quarter of an hour and adding a quarter cup of water whenever the amount of liquids in the bowl decreases.
Test the ripening of the meat piece using wooden sticks,remove it from liquids after it ripens and set it aside until it is completely cool, because cutting the meat when it is hot leads to fragmenting.
Remove the thread from the flesh of sweat, cut it into thin,even slices and arrange it into a serving bowl in a compact manner.
Pour the liquids over the meat slices and serve them alongside the white rice,milk and salad.

This was the cold cuts meat and we hope that you like it.