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The Chicken Casserole With Potatoes

The Chicken Casserole With Potatoes

The Chicken Casserole With Potatoes

There is no doubt that potatoes are among the most delicious vegetables around the world, loved by all old and young.Potatoes are included in preparing many main and side dishes as well and they contain many vitamins and nutrients such as starches and proteins. And our meal today is the chicken casserole with potatoes. 

The Ingredients:

Two large potatoes, cut into large cubes.
Two large tomatoes, cut into large cubes.
Two onions, sliced.
Five cloves of minced garlic.
Two sticks of chopped green onions.
A cup of yogurt.
A kilo of chicken pieces.
Four tablespoons of vegetable oil or olive oil.
A quarter cup of chopped coriander.
Two teaspoons of salt.
Tablespoon of honey. 
Half a teaspoon of turmeric.
Half a teaspoon of crushed chili.
Two teaspoons of mixed spices.
A teaspoon of curry.
A quarter of a teaspoon of cloves.
Six pills of cardamom.
A small stick of cinnamon.
Laurel papers.
One onion, cut into halves.
Tablespoon of chopped ginger.
Half a teaspoon of black pepper.
A teaspoon of paprika.
The Chicken Casserole With Potatoes

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Put the ​​chicken pieces in a bowl, then sprinkle salt and black pepper, stir and set aside.
Heat two tablespoons of vegetable oil in a large pan, then add onion slices and stir until become golden.
Add the olive oil to the same pan, then put the garlic and stir.
Add the green onions and ginger and stir until slightly withered, then add cinnamon stick,bay leaf,cloves,cardamom and stir.
Add the chicken pieces and stir until the water is completely dry.
Add the onion halves and stir for a minute, then add the potatoes and continue to stir.
Add the tomatoes and stir, then add the paprika, turmeric, curry, and half a tablespoon of yogurt and stir.
We add the rest of the yogurt, mixed spices, honey, salt, black pepper, cardamom, crushed hot pepper and continue stirring until the ingredients are homogeneous and the chicken drinks the flavor.
We put the previous ingredients in a special casserole or in a tray or oven dish, then cover it with aluminum foil and heat the oven on a medium temperature.
We put the tray in the oven for forty-five minutes, then remove the aluminum foil, add the onion and coriander.
Take the potatoes and chicken out of the oven and serve them hot, next to a plate of rice.

This was the chicken casserole with potatoes and we hope that you like it.