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Grilled Chicken In The Oven

Grilled Chicken In The Oven

Grilled Chicken In The Oven

In all kitchens around the world, grilled chicken occupies a distinctive position and unlike many dishes, no country knows that was the leader in the grilled chicken dish and if its flavor differs in each country according to the spices and the way to roast,there are grilled chicken on the Indian way and another on the Syrian way  And the third in the Mexican way.
And from kitchen to another around the world the mixture that is used to season grilled chicken varies and the method of grilling also differs, the details of which affect each flavor and the final taste of grilled chicken.

The Ingredients:

A chicken cut into quarters.
There are dozens of types of seasoning the grilled chicken,the most prominent of them is.

Spices and Onions mixture:

Mixture Ingredients:
Teaspoon of salt
Teaspoon of black pepper 
Half a tablespoon of Laura paper
A quarter of a tablespoon of cardamom
Lemon juice
Teaspoon grated nutmeg
Onion, medium or large, depending on the size of the chicken
Grated tomato
Two spoons of vegetable oil.

Mixture method:

In a deep dish, mix the ingredients well or beat in a blender, then put on top of the chicken pieces.
Grilled Chicken In The Oven

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Wash chicken well with water, then put it standing to remove water from it.
Put all remaining ingredients together in a deep bowl.
Distribute the spice mixture to the chicken, rub it inside and outside, package it and put it in the refrigerator for the whole night.
The next day, put the chicken in a tray for grilling, then put it in the oven at a temperature of a hundred and ninety degrees for an hour or until it is well done.
Place the grilled chicken in a serving dish to serve it with garlic sauce and French fries.

This was the grilled chicken and we hope that you like it.