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The Zaineb's Fingers Desserts

The Zaineb's Fingers Desserts

The Zaineb's fingers desserts

What is Zaineb's fingers ?

Zainab's fingers desserts are the most well-known oriental desserts.  It has a distinctive taste and wonderful taste and is one of the light desserts on the stomach.Therefore,as well as its presentation on occasions and holidays.As it does not require a long time or a great effort to prepare it and it can be taken with coffee or tea and here are several ways to prepare it.

Zainab's fingers with coconut Ingredients:

A cup of fine semolina.
Half a cup of flour.
Half a cup of warm water.
Teaspoon of yeast.
Two teaspoons of sugar.
Pinch of salt.
Two tablespoons of corn oil.
A teaspoon of rose water.
A cup of sugar sauce.
Coconut for decorating.
Corn oil for frying.
The Zaineb's Fingers Desserts

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Mix semolina and flour after shaking it, then add a pinch of salt in a bowl, then rub them with corn oil until all the semolina and flour are covered with oil well.
Dissolve sugar, yeast, and rose water in a bowl with very warm water, and stir the ingredients together.
Add the sugar mixture over the semolina and knead a bit until a cohesive dough is formed, not dry.
Cover the dough with a plastic bag and leave it aside for about two hours.
We form the dough with a bag of confectioner.
After forming the dough, fry the fingers with a non-hot oil a lot, until browned.
Remove the fingers from the oil, then dip them into the sugar sauce.
Then sprinkle with coconut and serve directly.

This was the Zaineb's fingers and we hope that you like it.