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The Stuffed Grape Leaves

The Stuffed Grape Leaves

The Stuffed Grape Leaves

Stuffed grape leaves are among the delicious food that no one can resist its delicious and wonderful taste, it is one of the most popular dishes among the hearts of many people in Egypt and all Arab countries and although the origin of grape leaves is not Arabic, it is one of the food that have been transmitted to the Egyptians and Arabs from the Turks,In the era of the Ottoman Empire.


One kilo of rice.
A kilo of fresh red tomatoes
A kilo of fresh grape leaves.
Two green peppers.
Two large onions.
One piece of hot pepper to taste.
Two large packages of green dill.
Two large packages of green coriander.
Two large bunches of fresh parsley.
Two cubes of chicken broth.
Three tablespoons of sauce.
Two tablespoons of  ghee.
Salt, to taste.
One lemon juice.
Vegetable food oil in quantities as desired.
Chicken,duck or meat soup, depending on availability.
A teaspoon of dried mint.
A teaspoon of black pepper.
Teaspoon cumin.
A teaspoon of paprika.
A teaspoon of dry coriander.
Teaspoon of garlic powder.
Teaspoon of onion powder.
A tablespoon of mixed spices to taste.
The Stuffed Grape Leaves

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We put a large bowl over medium heat and put an amount of oil and ghee and leave it until it warms up.
We put the chopped onions into small cubes and stir until become golden color.
We add the sauce,foundry tomatoes,dill,coriander, parsley, mint, salt and black pepper and the rest of the spices and rice then stir well until the mixture is well distributed.
We spread the grape leaves until the smooth portion is at the bottom and put a teaspoon of the mixture inside each grape leaf,then we close its ends and wrap it in a cylinder.
In the leveling bowl,we place the veins of the vine leaves and then stack the stuffing in a coordinated manner.
Add the chicken, duck or meat soup to cover the stuffed fingers with the soup, then put a plate over it so that the grape leaves do not come apart.
Then we put it on a medium heat until the water is absorbed, then we calm the fire and leave it until it is completely cooked then serve it.

This was the stuffed grape leaves and we hope that you like it.