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The Shakalma Dessert

The Shakalma Dessert

The Shakalma Dessert

The delicious Shakalma at home with easy and simple ingredients and distinctive taste,as the Shakalma is one of the most wonderful types of oriental desserts that are characterized by their simplicity and the love of millions of individuals for them,everyone asks for it and they love to eat them and they always go to the stores to buy them and under the current conditions seek All housewives to prepare different desserts at home rather than buying them abroad to ensure cleanliness and safety.


A cup of chopped white sugar.
 .Two tablespoons of white flour
.Two cups of chopped coconut, finely chopped
.Five egg whites
.Pinch of fine salt
The Shakalma Dessert

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In a deep bowl add chopped white sugar, flour, coconut, salt, and stir well all the ingredients.

Using the blender,mix the ingredients together until they are mixed.

In another bowl,lay egg whites and mix well with the blender until its texture changes, foam forms and becomes more intense.

Add the flour and sugar mixture to the egg white mixture gradually with continuous stirring and whisk until the ingredients are homogeneous and the dough becomes homogeneous.

Dough is collected with a spoon and formed in the form of medium and equal balls.Then  prepare a baking tray and  spread little butter, and then put the butter paper over it to cover it from the inside, then put ​​butter.

Balls are placed in the tray leaving a distance between each one, and the oven is already running and the tray is put into the oven for a 20 mins until it takes the golden color and then serve it in a serving plate.

This was the Shakalma and we hope that you like it.