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The Kebeb in a Saucepan

The Kebeb in a Saucepan

The Kebeb in a Saucepan 

Many differences distinguish our Kebab from the regular kebab, the first comes in the ingredients. Instead of the minced meat that makes the regular kebab, small pieces of meat are chosen in this kebab.

The second difference comes in the method of preparation where our kebab is cooked in a pot on a fire, unlike the regular kebab, which is cooked over the fire directly.

For food lovers, you can't never prefer one of the two types of kebabs because each of them has a distinct taste and appetite.

You are able to prepare it more easily inside the house and for this we offer you a way to make delicious kebab.


1 Kilo meat
1 kilo of onion,cut it into wings
2 seeds 🥔 potatoes
Salt + black pepper +meat spices
Tablespoon of minced garlic
Tablespoon of ghee
The Kebeb in a Saucepan

Here are other recipes from our site. 


1.In a pot,put a tablespoon of butter and we put on it the chopped onions wings.
2.Then put the meat and spices and stir well
3.Finally after the meat and onions, we put the potatoes and salt and stir well.
4.Then let it 10 minutes until fully cooked. 

This was the kebeb in a saucepan and we hope that it like you.