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The Egyptian Molokhya Dish

The Egyptian Molokhya dish

The Egyptian Molokhya dish

What is Molokhya ?

Molokhya is a popular Arabic dish dating back thousands of years.  It is one of the most famous dishes in Arab tables.  It was first known in ancient Egypt and it is still known today in Sudan,Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, and North Africa in Tunisia and Morocco, Algeria and the Arab Gulf countries.  It relies on the mallow plant,a species of leaves and flower plants.It is cultivated throughout the year and the best time for this is the summer season.  The method of preparing molokhya differs from country to country in terms of additives and the type of spices used. Studies have indicated that molokhya does not lose its health benefits after cooking, and remains rich in vitamins A and B, in addition to iron, calcium, phosphorous, sodium, and potassium and manganese.  It is prepared using fresh, sometimes dried, mallow leaves.

Benefits of Molokhya:

Molokhya contains a good percentage of vitamin (B), which protects the body from anemia, and mallow prevents the formation of bladder and kidney stones and urinary tract infections. Molokhya is one of the richest vegetables that contain more carotene than carrots, and carotene is converted in the body to vitamin A, which helps increase the body's resistance to infections and diseases and its lack of body leads to poor vision at night.


1/2 kilo chopped Molokhya or a ready-made minced molokhya bag.
Chicken or meat soup.
Spoon and half chopped fine garlic.
Spoon and half crushed dry coriander.
2 tablespoons of ghee. 
The Egyptian Molokhya Dish

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The Method:

Introduce your family and friends to the best, most famous Egyptian food,the green molokhya with delicious taste. 

In a bowl, put molokhya on fire.
Put half a spoon of minced garlic with half a spoon of coriander.
We put the soup a little bit and stir until we get the required consistency (not heavy and not light) not to over boil the molokhya and put the pot aside.
In a bowl over the heat, put two tablespoons of ghee and minced garlic, and stir little bit.
Put the coriander on garlic and stir until browned and put on the molokhya.

Serve it hot.

This was the molokhya and we hope that you like it.