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The Egyptian Koshari , the famous meal in Egypt

The Egyptian Koshari , the famous meal in Egypt

The Egyptian Koshari , the famous meal in Egypt 

? What is koshari

Our meal today is from Egypt its called there "Koshari".Koshari is an authentic Egyptian food that is loved by all Egyptians because it has variety of pasta ,rice and hot spices,so we find  Arabs and tourists who visit Egypt go to eat koshari because of its fame in Egypt.

The Ingredients:

500g spaghetti pasta, 500g small pasta, 500g noodles pasta, 200g of rice, 100g black lentils, 1k tomatoes stirred in a blender, and drained well , 1 onion chopped and sprinkled with salt , salt, black pepper, hot Spices, 2 cubes chicken broth ,1 tablespoon minced garlic.

Extra ingredients: 

Onion cuts wings.  2 tablespoon starch.  2 tablespoons of flour.  A small spoon of sodium bicarbonate.
The Egyptian Koshari , the famous meal in Egypt

The Method: 

1. We boil all kinds of pasta together.
2. We put the oil in a cooking pot over the fire until it warms up and put noodles and continues stirring until the golden color is taken and watered until it boils and we put the lentils with a meal and stir the ingredients until they are boiling and guide the fire until both are well done.

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Notice 1:

We put the water above the surface level of  rice about 3 cm.

3. We put the oil in a cooking pot until heated and put  the grated onion with a sprinkle of salt until the onions take the golden color and put the tomatoes mixed in the mixer with a sprinkle of sugar and a spoonful of garlic and continue to stir and put  the spices and chicken broth and a large tablespoon of vinegar and continue to stir until it boils.

4. We put too much oil in a deep cooking pot and put wings of onion and keep stirring until the onion take a golden color and put them in a plate with a tissue paper.

Notice 2:

Fried Onions: We cut onion wings.  In a plate 2 large tablespoons of flour + 2 tablespoons of starch + a small tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate with salt and stir them well. We put them on the onions, then stir well and raise it to fire .

5. Hot Sauce:  fry minced garlic in a cooking pot  for 2 minutes and put the water with a pinch of vinegar and salt and a lot hot pepper, cumin and coriander.

This is our favorite meal in Egypt and we hope it gets your like.