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The Apple Fruit and its Benefits

The Apple Fruit and its Benefits

The Apple Fruit and its Benefits

Apple is considered one of the most delicious and healthy fruits, it is easy to eat and tasteful as well as high nutritional value and provides many and many health benefits.

Types of apples and places of production:

Today,there are more than 7500 types of apples, Planted in different regions of the climate.Global production reaches about 50 million tons annually,with a market size exceeding 10 billion dollars and China produces half of the world's production, followed by Argentina with about 15% of global production, then the United States with about  7% as most of its production comes from Washington State.
The Apple Fruit and its Benefits

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Health benefits of apples:

Aid in digestion.
Cancer prevention.
Reducing strokes.
Anemia treatment.
Strengthening the immune system.
Control of diabetes.
Dental Care.
Preventing Alzheimer's disease.
Promote brain health.
Asthma treatment.
Preventing heart disease.
Low cholesterol.
Improve bone health.
Improve vision.
Weight loss.
Skin care.
Protection from NSAIDs.
Blocking gallstones.
Rich source of vitamin C.
Treatment of hemorrhoids.
Liver cleansing. 
Hair care.

This was all the benefits of the apple fruit and we hope that you like it.